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how important is tire profile during replacement?

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I only use my Vee for street riding and want to get 100% street tires. One of our local bike shops has "odd size" street tires on sale. I found some potential replacements at very low prices:

I know that these differ from OEM a bit and will throw off my speedometer (not a problem as I have a speedohealer).

Would there be any other significant concerns with using these tires? I assume the Vee rear wheel could handle the 160 (only 10mm wider). Your thoughts?

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I wouldn't think it would matter....

However, I have a bike that uses a 160/70/17 rear and tried putting on a 160/70/17 once. For whatever reason, the bead would just not seat properly on the rim.
So what did fit?

With the odd sizes, you just have to watch for clearance issues, such as the drive chain, I doubt you would have any issues but worth a look. Keep in mind metrics are ratios, so you may gain additional height as well on the side wall. I am a wee owner so not familiar with vee tires sizes, but say you are installing a 160/70/17 as mention in the previous post. Its 160MM wide, then the height is 70% of the tread width. so the heigth is 112 MM.. (160 X .70=112)Good to know when your bouncing sizes around, particularly is you legs are short.... ohhh, up front it may be tight with the fender, and subtle handling changes, taller up front is may push on turn exits, but it would be neglitable, taller in back and it may dive in to turns a bit quicker. Some track riders tool with this in an effort to fine tune handling issues, but its very subtle changes.

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I've gone one size narrower on the back to try an ME880 (didn't care for it). Probably better than going up a size. The 110/90-19 and 150/60-17 mentioned by the OP should work.
On the Wee, a nice factor to consider (if you care) is that the 110/90-19 puts your speedometer almost spot on. I have run that with the stock 150/70-17 several times and didn't notice any difference in handling.

On the other hand I had a rear flat while out of town once and I had to put a 160/60-17 on the rear. A stock (110/80-19) front was on. I did notice (to me at least) a seemingly greater effort was required in tight cornering. Not enough to bother me though.
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