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How i mounted my Radenso ProM radar detector

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Sharing this in case anyone has the same model and is struggling with how to securely mount it. Ram makes a cool setup which mounts to the accessory crossbar. It has a vertical piece that then holds a flat plate with magnets underneath. They supply a flat metal plate with an adhesive backing to stick to the bottom of the detector. Unfortunately, this can't work on the ProM b/c the bottom is not flat, it is a large cone and that is where the speaker resides. Testing the possibility of mounting it this way, it reduced the sound level to the point where I could not hear it. With a smoke visor on and m/c and road noise, it wasn't going to get it done.

I had used Radenso's suction cups and bracket system to hold the detector to the windscreen. On warm days, no problem. Colder weather caused them to lose grip and drop off the screen. Fortunately I had connected a zip tie to the bracket so it couldn't become road kill.

I wanted to ensure it would sit flat, not vibrate and shake, or have all it's load hanging from the suction cups. What I did was:
1) wrap a section of the accessory bar the width of the detector with dark gray plumbing insulation foam
2) mount a narrow piece black velcro across the foam and on the bottom of the detector, to keep the detector from flopping up and down
3) cut and mounted to the windscreen an oval of clear bra the size of the suction cups combined. This allows me to silicon the cups to the clear bra if needed, should they continue to not hold in cold weather. I siliconed these cups to my GL1800 screen and it almost damaged it significantly, and took a lot of careful work to restore it.
4) lastly, mounted a zip tie through the bracket and around the accessory bar, in case she takes off without my permission. It's a little ghetto, so I'll figure out something better this winter.

So far, so good. Stable, can read the screen and can hear it perfectly.
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Yeah, that suction thingy is for cars, not the brutal environment which is a motorcycle. Is that thing even weatherproof?
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Yeah, that suction thingy is for cars, not the brutal environment which is a motorcycle. Is that thing even weatherproof?
I don't know how "waterproof" it might be, but I'm for sure yanking it if we get much rainfall.
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