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How do you Identify unknown fork springs ? 2005 DL 650

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Hope I am posting in the correct place.
I crashed one of weestroms last year, its a 2005 and bought it used so absolutely no clue as to what springs where in forks that got totalled. They could be oem stockers, sonic, progressive, I really do not have a clue...only that I am a heavy weight and if are stiffer than oems , well then I want to use these in one of my current rides (blue 2004, red 2005). Also same thing on my dirtbike, bought an extra set of forks were modified by pro-action, the ones on bike are race tech. How do you tell ? aftermarket vs stock? spring rate or stiffness? Heres a pic of my springs, they are "progressive" on one end but maybe oems are that way also. Please explain. thanks, Doug
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Fork springs

Doug; The image appears to be stock progressive type. You have a choice of either progressive or the linear type as alternatives. If your a "heavier" rider you will need heavier springs. Plenty of info on the net but you may need .9 or .95 or more. I'm around 185kgs and am about to order .90 in progressive. Read up there is plenty of good info. available.
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