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How do you carry chain oil on a long trip?

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[I searched, but did not find any discussion on this . . . ]
I can't seem to find a good way to carry oil for my chain. Bottles can be sealed, but they make application hard to do. Squirt bottles make application easier, but they always seem to leak. Aerosol cans don't leak (unless you forget to put the cap on), but they are bulky and not cheap (and seem to go all over the place unless you have the small red spray tube - that always gets lost on the road). Maybe there is a bottle that has a good way to apply the oil? Or a squirt bottle that does not leak? Or an aerosol can that is small and not expensive and . . . you can't lose the small spray tube? Any suggestions?
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I'm not sure what a long trip is yet - my longest thus far is 45 miles. But I keep a can of Chain Wax in my pannier all the time.
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What happened to chains not needing oiling? I mean, I'm oiling (waxing with Chain Saver) mine and will continue, until........., but what happened to the dissention and argument that O-ring chains (especially gold ones) didn;t need oil and it in fact gunked them up? I'm just trying to get this straight in my head so I'm not shortening the life of my chain with wax (or oil).
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