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How do you carry chain oil on a long trip?

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[I searched, but did not find any discussion on this . . . ]
I can't seem to find a good way to carry oil for my chain. Bottles can be sealed, but they make application hard to do. Squirt bottles make application easier, but they always seem to leak. Aerosol cans don't leak (unless you forget to put the cap on), but they are bulky and not cheap (and seem to go all over the place unless you have the small red spray tube - that always gets lost on the road). Maybe there is a bottle that has a good way to apply the oil? Or a squirt bottle that does not leak? Or an aerosol can that is small and not expensive and . . . you can't lose the small spray tube? Any suggestions?
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I've soaked a rag in oil, sealed it in a ziploc bag, and each evening take it out and wipe the chain. I used latex gloves for this procedure, but 30 or 40 yrs ago would have done it bare hand.
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Too bad oil doesnt come in cans anymore. Every gas station had a few emptys in the trash with an ounce or so still in it. Now if theres any left in the plastic jug the motorist screws the cap back on and takes it with him.
Well I reckon there are as many opinions as there are motorcyclists on this topic.
I once met someone who agreed with me, so that makes one less opinion.
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