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What I have:

30A Automotive relay, 12v, 66 ohms and something about 130mA (I'd assume this is the amount of power it eats?)

A blade fuse thingy with a 5 amp fuse in it.

How its wired:

I'm tapping into the big brown wire going to the tail light (very nice tap, thanks to you guys!) My tap hot is going to pin 85, into the coil (which is where I think my issue is at) and shooting out pin 86 and going to the battery ground strip.

The switched power comes off the battery, into my 5A fuse, to the Relay, and from the relay to my accessories power strip.

Now here is the issue:

After just 5 minutes of playing with my accessories, my Relay is warm.. Not hot, just warm.

No other relays are warm, but... should I be worried?

Could I have wired this wrong? Perhaps I need some type of regulator or rectifier or perhaps a Slurpee to chill out?

-Dave :mrgreen:

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You're fine. The energized coil will put out some heat.
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