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I had a delightful ride from Wheeling WV to Toledo OH last month, and here are some of the details. I was riding my Wee-Strom, and my companion was riding his new Honda ST1300.

My actual starting point was Toronto Ontario Canada, and the ride's official target was Toronto Ohio, a small but historic city on the state's eastern edge.

It turns out that Toronto Ohio is "The Gem City" and its flag features an immense green emerald in the center. I thought of hauling the flag, with its stand, out of City Hall and into the sunshine so I could photograph it best, but I reconsidered. City Hall is also the police station, and I did not want to be thought a thief. Nobody could tell me why it's the Gem City.

From Toronto we rode north on OH-7 to OH-39, which goes generally west. When it got dark, we looked for a campground, and found one on US-62 just north of Winesburg. This campground is particularly well run. It is so clean and neat that it inspires campers, notorious slobs that we are, to be neat and orderly in turn. Free firewood is provided, and it is OAK! A furniture maker provides odd-shaped pieces of hardwood that are well dried and burn well and for a long time. If you forgot paper for starting fires, you can help yourself to the bibles and psalters that management leaves around in quantity -- they are very careless with those, tsk, tsk. But we had plenty of paper and left the literature for others. The campground provides a free telephone for local calls and for calls paid by calling cards, etc. They do not sell beer, but you knew that.

Winesburg is in Holmes County in eastern Ohio, and it has a large Amish population. These folks work hard and keep their farms, towns, and the whole county looking very pretty. They ride around in black carriages pulled by dark-colored horses, so it's a good thing that they put colored lights on the horses' ears ... well, no, they do not do that but it might be a good idea ...

Anyway, I pulled in my clutch and let the revs fall to nil every time I came near a horse; it seemed the courteous thing to do for these cheerful and industrious burghers.

OH-39 carried us westward to Mansfield, where we shopped (Harbor Freight) and had lunch, in a suburb named Ontario.

We rode north via OH-13 and US-250, fine roads, to Sandusky. We wanted to use the ferry to visit Pelee Island and cross Lake Erie, but our timing was poor and thus we had to ride around the west end of the lake on I-75, which is not the prettiest part of either Ohio or Michigan. We crossed the Hassle Bridge (which some call the Ambassador Bridge but that is an undeserved slight on ambassadors everywhere, including Lando Mollari and G'Kar) after being hassled by bad roads, poorly marked detours, and rotten pavement. The only virtue of that bridge is the availbility of duty free gas thereon.

So please remember the campground north of Winesburg, and enjoy OH-7 and OH-39 if you are travelling the eastern part of the Buckeye State.

Thanks, Ohio!


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I agree, that's a wonderful area of the state....I ride there often. There are some terrific roads, beautiful scenery, picturesque Amish farms, great little restaurants and very little traffic (or enforcement!).
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