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I searched the forum for 7/8" hiway pegs that would fit the Motech crash bars, then came up with something easy and cheap. I also ride bicycles, so I had a set of Specialized mtn bike bar ends on the shelf- they clamp on to 7/8" bars, and are angled just about right to be hiway pegs.

Brief installtion details...

Losen the "suzuki" clamp that joins the two crash bars (just in front of the exh pipe), slide it to the side, fit the bar end (now a peg), and slide it up the tubing.

Position the peg as you like it, and tighten the clamp.

If you would like pictures, please let me know and I'll send a couple.

Not tested for vibration, not DOT approved, not UL listed, may void your very limited Suzuki warranty, see your owner's manual.
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