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from hempster on ADV:

"The 13th (I think) Hillbilly Dual sport tour April 1-2-3 2016 “The Hub “ Located by Marble Falls, Arkansas. 10 miles or so South of Harrison is the motel for the ride . . The Buffalo river is about 5 miles away. Jasper is 10 miles. this time of year

Just as a little legal disclaimer--------- this ride is nothing more than a group of likeminded people getting together to celebrate life. No groups or people are in charge, and what you do at this ride is totally up to you. YOU are responsible for what you do or don't do as far as attending goes. We all want to ride and have fun, so smile, be nice, and be safe.
This ride is FREE !!! There are no fees for anything you do here. exception is you are responsible for booking and paying for your own room if you want one. Room with2 queen beds will be 60$"

The Ritz it ain't.

The Hub--Mid America's Motorcycle Resort 800-597-9963

But certainly mc friendly. You can camp on the grass for $10/night. I expect someone will let you use their shower.
I've been to a half dozen of the affairs, had been centered in Eureka Springs but it wandered over near Harrison last year. A decidedly low-key event. And lots of great blacktop to ride if you're not wanting any dirt roads (I'll be getting dusty).
I live about 60 miles from the place; I can provide a bit of tech support if that's a consideration on whether to attend or not.
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