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HID lighting

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I have installed HID lights on previous bikes and always appreciated the results. My new wee presents a problem in that it uses two bulbs, both with hi/lo capability, i.e., dual filaments. Normally, I would replace only the lo beam bulb with an HID bulb and retain the incandescent hi beam (because it takes about 20 sec for HID to attain full output). I presume that this issue has probably been discussed before, but I am a newbie. Can someone lead me to the topic or give me approach to this farkle. Thanks guys, Paul
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Thanks for all your input. Given that the wee has dual hi and lo lights, I have decided not to "gild the lily" by installing a complex (i.e., solenoid operated) HID system. I try to avoid night driving (too many deer around) and I have to admit that the OEM lights are pretty good. Maybe later, if I still need to return to HID's, I would consider a set of "expensive" (compared to HID) PIAA's.
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