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Hello all,

Looking at a 1000 and thought Id say hi.

Had a lovely Triumph Sprint RS until two weeks ago when my next door neighbour decided to skittle me down the road... No damage to me, but unfortunately, the bike wasnt so lucky... So, Im now looking for a new bike.

I do 20k a year in all weathers. I have a 70mile round commute and regularly go out at weekends, plus at least one bike trip a year (Morocco in May). The Srpint had a great engine but was a bit too 'nose down' for the filtering I do everyday and a bit ponderous for the really bad weather. Im 6"3, so I decided I needed something a bit more spacious.

Narrowed down my options to;
TDM 900
V-Strom 1000 (better value than a 650!)
Tiger 955

Ive got a budget of 3k and would really like some hard luggage for that.

Of the three, the V is the one Im drawn to most.

Any thing I should look for in particular?

Ive had my eye on this one. Its been kicking around on ebay for a while. Looks in good nick and although it doesnt have luggage, its under budget by enough to allow me to retro fit. Thoughts?

A couple of specific questions...

Are they straightforward to DIY service?
How are the running costs (do they eat tyres, c&s etc.)?
Are they too heavy for winter commuting, or does the height make it easier to manouvere than a typical sports tourer?

Hope to meet a few of you soon. Im in the North East so if anyone knows of any for sale a little more locally, let me know!


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Of course it's the bike for you!

You didn't expect to hear anything to the contrary on a V-Strom forum, did you?

It's perfect for what you described and the service isn't too bad after you get the hang of the plastics removal.

How are things in Yorkshire? My Father-in-Law if from Keighley. We visited there are few years ago and had a great time.

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I was in the same boat as you in October 09. I wanted a winter commuter bike. I got a 2003 DL1000 and so far its been great handling the New England winter. I picked it up from the owner and rode it home 1200 miles in OC weather and to finish it off I had 3 hours in nasty sleet/snow storm. The bike ran great throughout. It runs better when its freezing cold (-10C).

Im 6`4, 200lbs so similar to yourself. My bike came with a taller fairing which helps with the rain. It also came with hard luggage which was a huge bonus.

To answer your questions:

"Are they straightforward to DIY service?"

very easy. Reliable as well.

"How are the running costs (do they eat tyres, c&s etc.)?"

Tires every 8 -10,000 miles depending on the brand/usual stuff. Seem to eat chains so Ive heard.

"Are they too heavy for winter commuting, or does the height make it easier to manouvere than a typical sports tourer?"

I was surprised at how nimble the 1000 is. I find it light (well coming from a SOHC 750 anything is light!).

good luck with it.

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Get the dl650a (the ABS is brilliant if your riding wet roads), fit tourance tyres (25,000km out of the rear on my previous BMW 1150gs).

The 650 eats nothing and the performance will surprise you.

I commute daily, ride weekends up to 800km in a day and do one or two trips per year of 5000km+ over ten to fourteen days duration.
Living in Australia doing big distance is a way of life we are used to, even some of our smaller states are bigger than the whole of England.

The Wee Strom will do it all, even loaded and two up if you need to (if most of your riding is two up touring you may want to opt for the 1000 then, but apart from that you wouldn't need it).

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