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Hi there, 3rd strom owner, dl650 k6, dl 1000 k8 and now dl 650 abs 2012.

Why 3rd ? Quite simply I cannot find a better all round, does it all with no hassels, 100% reliable, bang for buck and an absolute hoot to ride bike out there.

I've been riding for 35 years now, had the crotch rockets, cruizers, back breakers ( single pot thumpers ). Been from the 50cc class to the 1100cc sports tourers. The 4 best bikes that I have ever owned are the Honda Africa twin and the 3 Suzuki DL's. I've gone back to the DL 650 now as I am more interested in light off roading through the Karoo and the Northern Cape. I know the big vee is off road capable, but for me, I felt it just had too much power and was just too heavy for me to comfortably take it off road.

What I really like with the 2012 DL 650 is the way the power is delivered....smooth and low down on the rpm.....ideal for light off roading. It also helps that the new DL650 is substantially lighter than the big vee......but I will miss the pure grunt of the big vee on the long run up to the Northern Cape. The big vee just eats up those 300km long straight, horizon to horizon roads though the Verneuk Pan desert's not that far when you are cruising @ 180kmh. But, all good things come to an end, especially when you will be locked up in jail if they catch you at those kind of speeds now.

Keep the shiny side up, safe riding and enjoy life to the've only got one, live it without regrets.:thumbup:
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