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...anything you want to tell us? :) :twisted:

Miffed By Dress Code, Male Air Controllers Wear Dresses
Air Controllers, FAA Joust Over Dress Code

POSTED: 3:28 pm EDT June 28, 2007
UPDATED: 3:34 pm EDT June 28, 2007

CLEVELAND -- Air-traffic controllers locked in a labor dispute with the Federal Aviation Administration are upset over a dress code and have shown their displeasure in colorful fashion.

Their union said there have a been a few occasions where male controllers complied with the letter of the guidelines by wearing dresses to work.

At the Cleveland-area air-traffic control center in Oberlin, a controller was told his aquamarine pants were, quoting now, "not gender appropriate" for a man.

The FAA said the dress code is meant to create a professional atmosphere.

Spokeswoman Elizabeth Isham Corey said there have only been rare instances of outrageous outfits meant to create a stir while technically complying with the dress code.

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"Their union said there have a been a few occasions where male controllers complied with the letter of the guidelines by wearing dresses to work."

Hey MZ;

Please tell us that you are wearing underware when you are riding the strom to work.

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Hah, just noticed this. It's been a rough ride so far man. The dress code is the furthest from my concerns at this point. I got my pay chopped by 30% at the same time as this dress code. The FAA started a two-tiered pay system, and since I wasn't done training at the time, they moved me into the new pay scale, where I was already topped out. Topped out after 18 months! So, needless to say I'd dress in a damn tuxedo every day if it meant I got my money back. But it is pretty rediculous to worry about people's clothes in a dark room with no windows. You guys should see some of the stuff people have been sporting lately. Leisure suits, checkered pants with striped shirts, etc etc. What's equally shocking though is the shit some people wore before the dress code. Guys making a healthy 6-figure income and they look like they staggered in off the street. Jeans that haven't been manufactured since the early 80s, old nasty Nascar t-shirts, you get the idea. I just got this email from my union rep, so maybe there's hope in sight:

The Associated Press

Thursday, June 28, 2007

WASHINGTON: The House transportation committee has voted to force the Bush administration to reopen contract talks with air traffic controllers.

Shortly after the vote Thursday to send the measure to the full House of Representatives, Transportation Secretary Mary Peters said she would recommend that President George W. Bush veto any bill with such a provision.

"The veto threat can evaporate," the committee chairman, Rep. James Oberstar, said before the vote. "This is an opportunity to vote to put fairness in place."

Rep. John Mica, the committee's top Republican, said the provision was "a show stopper" that neither Bush nor the Senate would accept.

The Transportation and Infrastructure Committee stepped somewhat reluctantly into the bitter labor dispute between the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Air Traffic Controllers Association's 15,000 controllers.

Nevertheless, the provision, offered by Democratic Rep. Jerry Costello, was approved 53-16. Fourteen Republicans voted with the majority for the proposal, added to a bill that reauthorizes the FAA.

The measure would nullify a contract and new work rules imposed by the FAA last Sept. 1 that cut starting pay for new controllers by 30 percent and held experienced controllers to same raises as civil service workers. Declaring an impasse after nine months of talks, the FAA also imposed a dress code and gave managers more authority over work schedules.

The amendment would force the parties to negotiate for 45 more days. If they could not agree, the dispute would go to binding arbitration before three private arbiters. It would authorize up to $20 million (€15 million) to give controllers back pay under their previous contract terms during the new talks.

Costello said he and Oberstar, a Democrat, met over the past three weeks with the union, the FAA, the Transportation Department and the White House to try to settle differences that have generated more than 220,000 grievances and several unfair labor practice charges since September.
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