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Here is it !!!

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Have you seen this ?:thumbup:

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From the pix, the tank (or tank with shrouds) looks similiar to the new Triumph 800. Probably a bit better look (than the previous Strom). Smaller tank, sort of mixed. Hate to give up fuel capacity for roads like the Trans-Labrador highway, which would now require to carry an extra canister of fuel. That said, my 'Strom always had a longer fuel range than any of my buddies bikes. Wonder if that's where they came up with the reduced weight?

Lower weight is good, but specs also indicate a 1/2" higher seat height, which may not be as good for shorter riders (like me...). The Tiger 800s have adjustable seats and both the Tigers and BMW 800 GS have lower seats available....

One possible positive might be that since it appears that the suspension and such isn't changed, you might be able to swap out your current farkles - such as an upgraded shock or fork, brakes, luggage and so forth - from your current Strom.

I still have lots of life, miles and years left on my '06. Only 35,000 so far, and should be good for several more years and adventures. Price point will be important, of course. I test rode a Triumph Tiger 800 a couple of weeks ago. Definately an impressive machine. It'll be interesting to see how the Tiger and Strom fare in reviews over the next couple of years. Oh, this weeks online, digital version of Cycle News had a very favorable review of the Tiger 800s. Kind of reminded me of the initial reviews of the 650 'Strom when it was first released.
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1 - 1 of 93 Posts
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