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Recently, a fellow rider/forum member called me up and asked if he could borrow one of my decommissioned Pelican 1550 cases. I replied, "Sure, but what for?"

This rider has just ordered a set of Pelican 1550s for himself and he wanted to have some case liners made for them, (one case and liner for his wife and one case and liner for him.). He took the case to a local "high end" sailmaker to have the liners made. When they were complete, my case came back to my house, along with a "look-see" at the new liners.

This is what they look like:

I really like the quality and detail that went in to making these liners; enough so, that I approached the sailmaker with the idea: "Would you be interested in making more of these bags for other riders?" The answer was "yes", if enough GENUINE interest is there.

Here are the specifics of the liners:
- They are made from 420 Denier Nylon Black Coudura Fabric.
- Contrasting welting, red, blue, green.
- Front zip pocket.
- Offset YKK zipper for ease of access to main compartment.
- 1 1/2" Nylon webbing handles.
- 14"x 19" x 6.5"
- Price = $75 per liner bag + shipping.

This sailmaker is very busy at this time of year, but she is also a motorcyclist at heart, (she has some wonderful stories that would make your toes curl in your boots!); she will accomodate members of this forum if there is genuine interest.

At this time, the focus is only on Pelican 1550 liners. There may be other sizes available in the future.

Please respond to this thread and send me a PM or e-mail if you would like to order a set.


Barry B.

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Sounds/looks like Helen2Wheels. Been thinking 'bout picking up some of her stuff for my Jesse's. Pretty good quality stuff.

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I just e mailed Mags Bags and am awaiting an answer. They make a lot of neat stuff and are nice folks. I met them at a BMW rally once and they were very nice and willing to help.
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