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Two parts: rant, then question from installers on the DL1000.

Rant: HB has been making this product for years. I bought it for reasons found on this forum, but why do we accept such poor instructions on a potentially critical part? I get excellent instructions for putting together a $10 toy from China!

If nothing else, I'm sure vendors get tired of the same calls, over and over, and time is money. If the vendors don't get any help from HB, they can chose not to carry the product, or come up with their own instructions, online, with whatever disclaimers they need...or, keep answering the phone.

Question: After accounting for the parts, I have 8 spacer washers, #14, that are not shown on the diagram. My best guess is that 2 are used at each of the 4 bolt locations for the connecting rod. True?

Being slow, I was upset seeing only one engine bolt, but figured out that you use the left OEM bolt on the right side. Any suggestions to make the assembly go more smoothly? Thanks!
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