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Help with Touratech-Wirth springs!

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Hello all

I have been a member in this forum for quite a long time now, but I've not been posting a lot. Mostly reading, educating myself :p

Has anyone installed the Touratech/Wirth 6045 progressive fork springs on the DL650A?

I just finished installing them. The springs were about 540mm long, which is exactly the length of the OEM springs combined with the spacer, so I installed the springs without the OEM spacers. Reduced oil level to 150mm of air gap.

As soon as I took the bike of the centre stand I realised that the front end was noticeably lower than before! I cranked up the preload to 2 lines below highest setting and still the same. I measured the sag and got a static value of around 40mm and a dynamic one around 60mm!!!

Wirth springs are supposed to be 0,85-1,00 kg/mm , so how come is the SAG greater than before??? Did I screw up something or what?
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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