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Help - What the Heck is This Vibration

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I have a DL1000 with 15,000 km's. Over the past week I have noticed a definate vibration coming through the handle bars and the foot pegs. About a month ago I switched to iridium plugs and it was running just fine. Last weekend I switched over to 10W 40 synthetic oil for the very first time, up until now I have been running Suzuki 10W 40 dino oil. Could switching to synthetic cause this issue? It has only started since the switch to synthetic oil.
I have checked the chain for correct tension and kinks, I have checked to see if any wheel weights have come off - nothing.

The manual recommends a Throttle body sync at 12,000 km's - I haven't done this yet, could this cause such a vibration if the throttle bodies are out?

I have tried to check to see if this is the start of the dreaded clutch chudder. At idle there is a bit of vibration coming from the clutch, which I can notice if I am stopped and in neutral - if I pull the clutch in it will stop. I have tried the clutch chudder test going up a hill under a load and pulling the clutch in slightly and there is no difference, so I don't think it is clutch chudder causing the vibration.

Any thing else I could check? It seems very odd that all this vibration started since switching to synthetic oil - just a coincidence?????
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I was having problems with head shake and excessive vibrations in the bars myself. After changing out the steering head bearings both disappeared. I haven't normally heard of bearings causing vibrations but it was night and day on my bike with the new bearings.
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