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help please: need a chain in denver area today, sunday 14 august

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Need help in denver area. Have cash.

My wife and I rode out yesterday from near minneapolis. The chain on my 06 Wee is shot, ready to come apart. I need a chain, breaker and some tools. Bike is rideable, but don't know how far.

If anyone can be of help, please contact me at mrvvrroomm @ or call/text my cell at nine five two, two four zero, four six five three.

Thanks so much
bruce & dawn from minnesota
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I'm sorry, I'm in the wrong part of the continent and can't help you! But I wanted to suggest you post your request in the "General VStrom" and the "West and Southwest" sections of the forum, where there may be more members reading that would be able to assist you.

Wishing you the best of luck!

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Found a chain breaker to borrow and picked up a new chain. Had it replaced in a parking lot in 90 minutes.

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How about the sprockets?
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