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HELP needed-broke/breaking down in Guatemala

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Hi folks. My 2004 DL1000 is starting to leak hydraulic fluid out of the clutch. It appears to be coming from the piston seal down by the front sprocket area. We are just inside the Guatemala border and are trying to figure out a way to get the parts. Any ideas would be appreciated.

I had to fill the resevoir up with fluid a couple of times today. As I pulled the cylinder off I could see fluid dripping out. I seems to be coming out at a steady and disturbing rate.

One of the issues is simply phoning outside Guatemala. None of the access codes seem to work. Then, if I find the part, how do I get it shipped down here?

Right now there are two possibilities:
1) Hoping to get the part sent down to Guatemala some place down the road
2) Turning back to Mexico and Tuxla G where there is a Suzuki dealer.
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pitted clutch cylinder ?

clean out the cylinder and fill the pits with 5 minute epoxy ?

the wet-sand the thing smooth, perhaps
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