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I've been in contact with Chuck who runs these trips. They are located in Ephrata, PA. They are trying to get a trip together for Colorado Springs this July and need to fill the truck (8 bikes) to make it happen. I'm one, looking for 7 more.

I've never been out West and riding out there is definitely a bucket-list thing for me. This year the stars are almost aligned: I'm in a sweet spot of available funds, vacation time, and spousal approval. I'm going. But, I don't want to blow 4 or 5 days of vacation GETTING there and back, and I don't want to pay a fortune to rent a strange bike. My cursory research suggests this is the cheapest way to get my bike out there and back, while maximizing my time on target.

I have my own agenda (mostly street/ touring the back range and northern NM), but Chuck has a lot of info available for those who don't want to think/ plan/ research.

Post here, PM me, or contact them directly if interested: [email protected]
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