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Hello all,

I've been a bit naughty and already posted twice before saying hello as a newb.

We (SWMBO and me) both ride and have just committed to buy a couple of new ones. Me a tiger 800 (which I pick up tommorrow) and her a Wee strom (orange 2011 that is already in the shed but <300kms on the odo). It's a bit of a move for us as we are coming from road bikes (bandit for me and GSX650F for her) with a view to riding some unsealed roads as well as the usual tarmac. It will be a bit of a learning curve for us but one we want to attempt and get the most out of (we are avid 4wders and like the bush so wanted to combine the 2 passions - bikes and bush). We intend to start small and work from there.

Anyways that's me/us and hope to learn and contribute where I can

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