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Hello Stromtroopers!! New Wee owner here from Columbus, OH

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I’ve had my Wee for about a month now and it’s been great. I’ve been riding off and on for about 15 years. I’ve only owned inline 4 cylinders in the past - a few sport bikes and a Honda Nighthawk 750. This is my first twin. It doesn’t have the fear inducing power the others have had, but the fun factor is no less. I’m looking forward to commuting on this bike well into the cooler fall days here in the mid-west.

** Silly question - What is the fastest way to get marketplace privileges? There’s something on there that I’d like to buy, but I can’t reply or private message. I read the rules stating you need 10 posts. Do reply’s count?? or do I need to start 10 new threads? Thanks in advance and thanks for welcoming me in!
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Welcome to the forum, Bodhi. Ya, I think you need 10 posts and you are almost there. And you got a red one, they are the fastest. :)

Hey, come on down and see us in May. Eastern V-Strom Rally

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Thank you Stalky Tracker. I’ll have to mark my calendar for the rally. That’d be a 500 mile road trip from home. I’ve got some family and I could stop and see on the way too.
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Welcome to the Forum. Congrats. Neat looking ride. Next purchase - crash bars and skid plate?
Welcome! Nice looking bike. You have the fast red model-lol.

My daughter and her family live in Bexley, nice area of the State. I hope there are places fun to ride out that way. I may ride out there from Lake George next riding season.
Welcome aboard! That is one sharp looking bike you have there! You have thousands of miles of smiles waiting for you on that bike!
Welcome from zanesville. If you ever want to ride some good back roads give me a shout we got lots of good roads this part of Ohio.
Good color and windshield, same as the Strom my wife had before her CB500X.
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