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I just got brand new 2019 V-Strom 1000xt adventure, I’m totally loving the bike!
After not being sure about the purchase, having just had 15 min test ride and newer before been on v-strom, I have no regret.
Previous bikes I had;
1997 Suzuki bandit 1200
1995 Suzuki intruder
2004 Honda RC51
Suzuki GSX-g 1100 or 1200
Suzuki rf900
Currently still have
2016 gsx-s1000, and V-Strom, I had several weeks on Bmw r1200gs and 12500gs, yes those are amazing bikes, but for double the money.
V-strom rocks !!!

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Congratulations on the purchase. I just rolled over 50,000 miles on my 2005. 22,000 of it mine. I keep thinking I should move up to one of the newer ones; then I ride mine again and think "This is still pretty good".

I hope you get many years of enjoyment out of it. Nice group of folks hang out at the Forum. Best of Luck.

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