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First time DL650 owner, long time dual sport guy. I almost picked up a DL a few times over the past 15 years. So close so many times. I've been "adventure touring" since the mid-80s. Started with a XT200 when at 16 yo and have owned: XL600, NX650, Transalp, KLR650, XL350, DRZ400, R1150GSA, and now the DL650. The 2002 R1150GSA is up for sale. My two remaining bikes are the DRZ and DL, so I guess I am a suzuki guy. :) I do not count the two Yamaha Zumas....

The "new to me" DL650 is a 2009 with 40k on the odo. It had 14k in 2015 and the previous owner (a friend) put on a lot of cross country miles.

I had an old Givi topcase (from the mid 90s) and a top-plate (from my ST1100 phase) lying around and got them bolted to the bike when I got it home. I will be spooning on some better dual sport tires soon.

It doesn't have any other farkles and I do not want to invest a ton of $$ into this bike, so if anybody has a line on some used stuff, let me know. I am looking for: handguards, crashbars, skidplate, and pannier rack (I have some HT panniers in hand...).


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