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Hello, Troopers. I'm on officially on Team Suzuki! Newerish rider here. Rode an Old Goldwing back in the 03, 04, in the rural country. Not much though. Been riding my '13 650 Strom for about 3 weeks now, thought I should ride into the forum. I'm still acquiring gear, my next order of business is mirror extenders and better mirrors. I've sifted through the forums a bit and I think Adventuretech extenders are the best choice. As far as actual mirrors go I'm all ears..!


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Yep welcome, and the windscreen is usually job 1.

Be sure to fill out your personal profile. It helps the helpers a lot when responding to questions. And sometimes you find out you and a strommer were on the same ship, went to the same college, or were assimilated by the same collective. Oops, wrong franchise.
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