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My wife is letting me add to the stable and I am presently looking at a 2008 DL650A with 31,000 miles on it. From the condition it looks well maintained, and though the current owner (I have known for 20 years) has had it only 3 months, he has decided he just does not have time to ride it. The fellow he bought it from was the original owner and I gather he did most of his own wrenching (comes with a service manual) as I could not find service records for the VIN in any local dealerships. Anecdotally, it had a valve check at 15,000 miles and was in-spec. It has a lot of add-ons that are functional such as center stand, gold valves, skid plate, panniers, lowered seat (will need to get something taller), engine guard, sliders, and the list goes on.

So, the question is, are there anything in particular that I should be looking at? Of concern is the valve clearance that is called for on the maintenance schedule, is it needed as the locals shop wants about 4 hours of time for the check.

Advice please.
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4 hours labour is largely to remove all the plastic bits. A good time to replace air filter, plugs and coolant if needed.
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Welcome to the forum, Antique.

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Welcome to the Forum. If you should want to do the valve check yourself, then have a look at these links as a guide: Suzuki V-Strom DL650 Valve Check and Adjustment tutorial - CircleNZ and 2007 DL-650 Valve Check and Adjustment
Thanks, bookmarked the links.
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Per the signature change I picked up the 2008 650A I was looking at on Sunday, and then got a slot on the track with Team Oregon Advanced Rider Training on Monday to make friends with I. Please with my purchase, and will say that it handles quite apart from either my Wing or my Africa Twin. Found my feet hitting the corners quite a bit, but then the travel is about 4" less than the Twin so I really don't have that problem there. Picked up an OEM seat today to get a bit better geometry with the old knees and hips and may get peg lowering but the latter makes me a bit nervous on scraping in the corners. Have to pick up a heavier shock spring as with full pre-load I am sagging at 35% with no panniers mounted and no tools. Also needing a skid plate, but am finding options limited due to age of bike and parts being discontinued. Any suggestions on these points would be welcome.
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