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Heated Grips

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What kind of Heated Grips are you running? they are my next addition to my 2105 DL650A
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Oxford. Affordable. Hot. Auto Turn off. Work Great.
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Oxford. Except for one thing they are a no-brainer decision. That one thing being wear. The grips rubber is very grippy. That means softer rubber. The work and feel nice. They will last many years, but will eventually need to be replaced.

Other than that, there are no better heated grips at a higher price and priced low enough that it makes little sense to buy cheaper heated grips.

The grips are available individually as replacement items. That's good because I got brake fluid on one of them. Don't do that.
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I have both types on different bikes;
the kind that are installed under your existing grips with Off/Hi/Low
the kind that are grips and rheostat controller with several temperature settings.

The type that come with the grips and rheostat work much better and worth the extra cost.
Sorry don’t remember the Brand
I have Koso grips and they work well.Plenty warm and I like the integrated switch.
Went to look for coolride
Took an oxford instead
Been very Happy with my Oxfords on two bikes. I like have several graduations in heat level. If memory is correct I have 4 on the Oxfords.
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I just use the cheapest heated grip inserts I could find and put ProGrip Gel Grips #714 over them.

I bought mine on Ebay, but they look much like these: Robot or human?

I installed them on my 2003 KLR650 15 years ago and did the same thing to my 2013 DL6650 3 years ago. They used to come with a 2-way switch but not anymore. Doesn't matter much as I always run them on high. FWIW, I live in Minnesota so am no stranger to cold weather riding, though I rarely will ride below 40 degrees f.
These are good enough for me, though if I was a more extreme weather rider, I can see that something more expensive and versatile would be worth the money.
Also, the wiring on these cheap inserts is very light guage, so I installed them with heat-shrink tubing on all wiring runs just to add some durability. They have been reliable.
On my wife and my first gen, we both have Suzuki OEM and love them. The controller looks like the Oxford, but no idea who made them. I think the newer OEM versions are different so I cannot comment.
Oxford. Affordable. Hot. Auto Turn off. Work Great.
That's what she said...
Head Vision care Goggles Eye Jaw
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I also have Oxford on mine. They are the my favorite addition to my '13 650. The controller is awesome, as it has many levels of heat. The auto shutoff feature is fantastic. You can wire them direct to the battery if you don't have switched power.
Oxfords have been great for me. Slight complaint, the right one gets a bit hotter than the left one because it is insulated from the metal bar by the plastic tube that allows the throttle to rotate.

They offer several models with slightly different grip patterns. They also differ just a bit on length, so figure out what you need for length and buy that.
I have these Bikemaster heated grips on my Wee. Quite satisfactory and very inexpensive at $46.,aps,85&sr=8-1
I have the Koso Apollo grips. They work well and have been reliable look like OEM factory and save handlebar real estate as well.
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I used grip heaters for ~15yrs. Used the kind made for ATV's and such, a mylar sheet with metal deposited on them, like a flexible pc board. I could use any grips I wanted, and change them when worn. ~5 yrs ago I found some reasonable priced heated armored leather gloves, and like using them much better than the grips:

The palm is thin allowing good feel of grips. I use all warm & safe gear - gloves, jacket liner and dual controller. The grips/gloves controlled with 1 channel and the jacket controlled with the other. I use a "loose" controller (vs bike mounted) so I can easily swap among 5 bikes.
Like so many others, I have the Oxford Heaterz, and I really like them. I never use the highest setting because it's VERY WARM. The only negative I've experienced - and I don't know that it's the fault of the heated grips, or something else - is the plastic throttle tube that the RH grip goes onto, cracked on my first gen Wee. I took that as an opportunity to install an aluminum tube G2 throttle tamer, which I had wanted to do anyway.

Something that hasn't been commented on very much is how to connect them. When I first installed them I plugged them into a 12V accessory port. Over time, I wanted that 12V port for other things, and decided to wire them directly. Fortunately, before I got around to doing it, I discovered that Eastern Beaver sells a pigtail that plugs directly into the stock wire harness. It makes a much neater installation and it's tucked away out of sight. If you're not familiar with Eastern Beaver, they sell the headlight relay kits that so many V-Strom owners install, to fix the starter button issue.
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I also have Oxfords and they work great. Barkbuster guards also keep wind off the hands. I wear "summer" gloves and use the heated grips to keep my fingers warm when the temperatures dip.
Went with Trackside(Cycle Gear) . 70,000 mi. now and still work great. Dial type temp controller. $45 on sale.
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