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Exciting only because of the situation I found myself in when I discovered the problem.

Turns out the nuts on the lock bracket of the Gel seat I just installed weren't tightened properly and both had worked themselves completely loose during riding this evening. Unfortunately, I discovered this while shifting position up and back for a bad rail road crossing at about 100 kph. When I sat back down I found myself sitting on the tongue and the battery and the rest of the seat kinda flapping along behind me!!

I got pulled over safely and sorted things out. Fixed everthing when I got home with some Loctite and stolen nuts from the old seat.

If you have one of these things, you might want to check the nuts on the lock down brack to make sure they are tight, some loktite wouldn't hurt.

My lesson learned...never trust the manufacturer to tighten nothin properly, always check everything! Who would have thought a stupid seat could turn a nice evening drive into a potential nightmare:rolleyes1:
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