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Headlights quit after using flash trigger

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Last night I used the flash trigger on the left hand to signal to someone that they should turn on their headlights and mine quit.
I did a quick fuse check [there is a high beam fuse, and a low beam fuse] The hi was ok, so I got behind a car and scooted home using my flashers when I wasnt tucked in behind a car [it was only a few miles and not totally dark yet]
I dont know what failed, I suddenly had no hi or low beam, it didnt act like it did when I had an issue with the starter switch cut off[ could this problem be back?]
I shut of and restarted the bike a few times, pulled out on the starter button, flicked the hi lo switch, and flicked the flash trigger all to no avail.

06' Wee 50,500 miles, headlight bulbs appear ok, seems odd that both hi and lo beams would melt down all at once,
where to start looking?
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