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Well, I just finished installing a headlight modulator and thought it was worth writing it up. Tried this yesterday and something flubbed up when I tried to post it so here goes.

I installed one of the Eastern Beaver units (Jim on this site is owner and very helpful if you have questions just remember he is on the otherside of the planet if you have to e-mail.
His website:

Read His directions before starting…pretty simple but there is on error which he said he will correct when he is done updating the website. I will point out the change later. The kit looks like this:

I chose to do the posi-lock install not plug and play.
Remove tank:

Disconnect (-) from battery.

Remove H4 fixtures from back of bulb.

Cut wires from back of left hand (shouldn’t matter which side) and strip 3/8” of sheathing

Cut H4 coupler from new unit, strip 3/8” sheathing and attach posi-locks to each wire (this is where the instructions go slightly awry…instructions say you do not need the ground for install that is incorrect they are necessary for this install)

Next I used the supplied double sided adhesive tape to attach modulator to relays

This is reinforced with zip tie

Next I drilled a 17/64ths hole for the sensor and installed sensor here

I chose this location for neatness of install and because it is well protected and I should have a hard time breaking it.

Connect unit to wiring from original H4 socket as follows
White on bike to Yellow on modulator (high to high); black/blue stripe on bike to white on modulator (low to low), black with white stripe on bike to black on modulator (ground)

Route wiring back to battery. I followed original harness from under cowling along L side bike. Make sure it is free from pinching and rubbing.
Note poor mans wire snake to get through tight space.

Push new H4 fixtures on to bulb.

Connect unit to battery (do not install fuse yet).

Turn ignition to on…you should hear relay click… toggle switch to high other relay should click. If it doesn’t click recheck your connections. Otherwise proceed.

Turn ignition off, install fuse, test system.

Low beam should be normal. If daylight high beams should be modulated, if in dark garage or night should be normal high beam. You can shine bright flashlight on sensor to test modulation. Wow that makes a big difference. Due to quality of kit (low voltage drop) and direct wiring to battery your lights may be slightly brighter.

Use electrical tape to make posi-locks water resistant.

Mount modulator unit. I used heavy duty Velcro to attach it to the bracket for my Stebel. I reinforced it with two zip ties.

Zip tie all wiring, zip tie old H4 socket that was not removed up out of way.
Re install tank. Reinstall cowling. Go for a ride.:cool:

Moderators: if this in wrong section please move I wasn't sure if it should go here, tech stuff, or modifications.

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