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Head to head with a buffalo in Yellowstone

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Okay, so maybe this is stretching the forum "All Things Related to V Strom" but I wasn't quite sure where else this would fit. . .

This last weekend, while Stromming in Yellowstone between Canyon and Tower Junction, going over Dunraven Pass and its tight and windy curves on steep hillsides with lots of snow, I was coming downhill keeping my curving right turn tight (thankfully, in hindsight) when, on the blind corner, a VERY big buffalo came from the opposite direction running at top speed at me in the other lane, with two cars directly behind it basically herding it up the highway. With initially about 20 feet between us, he tilted his monstrous head, on the run, and gave me a good stare with those little dark brown eyes, then went right on past me on my left - within about 5 feet of me. Talk about stunned!! I had no where to go with steep snow/mountain sides on my left and right and a narrow highway on which to ride. Just glad he decided I wasn't worth his while . . . and I kept moving right on down the twisties waiting for whatever the next turn would bring . . .
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with two cars directly behind
Unless there's traffic ahead impeading me, I never experience this ... I cringe when I see an oncoming bike in this situation.
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