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Have you modified your hard cases to be more useful? Hold more gear, waterproofing, loops/bottle holders, anything like that? Let's see them!

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Like this - found on FB. Any build tips and ideas welcome.

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I was going to just close this thread and not comment, but I can't help myself. It is obvious to me that's many motorcyclist have never done a lot of business travel, whether local or overseas. We as motorcyclist just don't know what to take and what's not to take.

One of the first trips I took with my wife two up was for 10 days on a ST1100. It has two factory bags. I told her she could come but the righthand bag was hers. Everything she needed had to fit in that bag.

So before you go modify your gear, on your next trip put a piece of tape on every item you are bringing with. Socks and underwear, all cloths, cook gear, sleeping gear, etc. you get the picture. If you use the item take the tape off. Now when you get back home look at everything with tape still on and ask your self why did I bring this. Now there will be thing like the need tools and compressor that most likely will still have tape but those are necessities that you have to have.

Leave the tape on those items that did not get used, if you can and the next trip ask yourself when you see those items "Do I need you?"

If you do this your bike will be happier, it will be easier to pickup if it falls and less weight will be carried, better fuel mpg, longer tire wear, suspension is happier, etc.
Great thoughts on what/not to bring. I meant more like clever hacks and such. Like the bathtub sticker to keep things from sliding around. 馃挕

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I have a "big trip" planned within the next 30-40 days.......if successful, will be gone 4-6 weeks, camping half the time. So, packing for a trip like this made me look for every nook & cranny I could use for: tools, spare parts (gearshift/brake pedals, levers, brake pads, fuses, tire kits), camping/cooking gear, food/water, apparel, rain gear, cold weather gear, hot weather gear, maps, etc, etc. I hope I never "need" some of it, but want to be ready in case I do. Yes, it adds a sheetload of weight but I have tried to lighten my bike where possible (removed passenger pegs/brackets, full Akro Exhaust)......and, have "tried" to pack items LOW on the bike to help with it being top-heavy. Some may say my added items are frivolous (umbrella holder), time on the road will tell.
Here are a few:

1. Rollie Bags mounted on back (not on top) of panniers......made a support "shelf" to keep them from sagging like Granny's Size 40 Boobs.

View attachment 303675

View attachment 303676

2. Added 4" x 4" Plastic Fence Posts to each side of my Pelican Topbox.........can store my bike cover in one side, heated vest in the other. In retrospect, probably should have just installed a "wider" Pelican Topbox. Oh was fun building them.

View attachment 303677

3. Spare Map Holder on top of Topbox.......keeps maps I am not using at the moment........dry storage area for them.

View attachment 303678

5. Aftermarket Lockable Helmet Holder............I use a "Jacket Caddy" (plastic covered cable) to lock my jacket to this lock.

View attachment 303680

6. One of my "most important" farkles...............everyone likes a "Beaver", right??

View attachment 303681

7. The frivolous umbrella holder.....made from PVC Pipe. I read where one rider was held up in heavy non-moving traffic due to an accident....he pulled out his umbrella and made it more bearable. Also, to be used in campsites if raining.

View attachment 303682 be continued post.
The fence posts - brilliant!! Looks like you're ready for just about anything.

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I hate small things hanging around the bottom of my cases so I put a shure microphone bag (I do pro audio) in each of my cases. There's a small length of 3/4" aluminum inside of each one and it's rivited from the outside with RTV sealant to keep it waterproof. These will be used for things like sunglasses, multitool, tire pressure gauge, throttle stop, etc.

I also rivited a small coat hook to hang my disk and helmet locks.

So far so good, the real test will be this weekend on the trails.
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Cool - love the lock hook!

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Thanks, Mark.

I think I鈥檝e read that, one of the well-known side case makers, makes these cases, for Suzuki, and that that company sold these straps. Not sure, though. Been a long time, since I鈥檝e seen it discussed.

if nobody knows, maybe I鈥檒l spend some time, searching.
I believe those OEM cases are SW-MOTECH.
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