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Has anyone turned a V-Strom in a streamline hypermiling bike? They're good at everything else, I bet they would be awesome at this too.

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There is an super interesting segment within the hypermiling community that converts scooters and motorcycles into streamlined hypermiling machines.

Here are a few cool links:

Here is the best hypermiling forum: Fuel Economy, Hypermiling, EcoModding News and Forum -

Here is the motorcycle section: Motorcycles / Scooters - Fuel Economy, Hypermiling, EcoModding News and Forum -

Here is a popular thread where he converts a honda 125 into a streamliner and gets well over 200 mpg and a dramatically better top speed:

Motorcycles have notoriously bad aerodynamics. About the same as a brick.....dragging a parachute. With a full aero fairing and substantial gearing changes, it is suddenly reasonable and easy for a 250cc (or less) motorcycle to go 70-80 miles an hour all day long, comfortably, and with spectacular fuel economy.

And here is the Henderson from........1930:

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I have never heard of a V-Strom being involved in the effort, but Craig Vetter has a challange that is or was dominated by Harleys. If the cylinder isn't firing, you are not burning fuel. The relatively long stroke of Harleys work very well at riduculesly low RPM.

I don't remember why, but many years ago I got interested in it. I think it was when gasoline went above $2.00 a gallon back around the turn of the century. It was a just passing interest for me.

Craig was selling stream line bodies back then that could be adapted to most any normal size motorcycle.
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Okay, That Henderson is pretty damn cool looking.
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Have to trim a bunch weight off of the piggy.
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