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Hi folks:

As some of you may know; I'll be taking my '05 DL-650 VStrom "Rosie" to South America the end of this August.

I have the stock handlebars. After doing the PSSOR adventure camp and talking to Brett; it seems that these handlebars are known for going wonky in the event of a crash. Plus it would be nice when riding on gravel/sketchy roads and standing on foot pegs to be able to not feel like I need to hunch over.

What are the best option of handlebars/risers for me? I do have the Symtec heated grips and grip puppies installed. Also I will be wanting to buy Barkbusters or Acerbis handlebar protectors (so please let that factor into your thoughts)

Also I'd love any considerations (i..e. if I would have to rerun the entire set of cable and housing for break/clutch levers/controls).

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