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Hi there,

My name is Jasper Blei and I'm from Holland. Although it's a small country, we still have plenty a ways to go along with the Wee

Got a question about the Hepco and Becker pannier racks.
I have the oppurtunity the buy a set of Gobi panniers and pannier rack for a very reasonable price. However, the et comes from a DL1000

The obvious question is of course: does the DL1000 pannier rack fit on the DL650. I know that the original pannier rack on the DL650 are A-symetrical because of the exhaust on the DL650. But having an aftermarket Bos exhaust installed (which does not protudes so much to the side compared the the original exhaust) , I come to doubt whether the DL1000 pannier rack will also fit on my Wee.

Can anyone help me out?

Thanks in advance for the efforts
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