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Anyone up for a run through the Tail of the Dragon and/or Parkway?
Here is an altered version of the route I usually run:

The only difference is that I've never gone over Foothills Parkway (always went through Maryville), but its been a couple of months since i rode it and I've only ever taken my S40 on the loop and id like to experience the ride on the Wee. I come over that way for the Dragon, from Waynesville area, rather often, not for speed (most of the time), just for fun. I wanted to check in with the community to see if there were some other riders interested in possibly taking this day ride along with me.

Robbinsville -> Fontana Dam -> Foothills Pkwy -> Gatlinburg -> Cherokee -> and back to Robbinsville if you so please.

If anyone is interested just post here and we can discuss dates or altering the route. The more the merrier. All bikes welcome
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