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Old geezer here, who has enjoyed exploring forest service roads on my DR650 the past 5 years, which superseded the KLR250 before that, and other mostly Japanese road bikes through the years going back to my first; a Honda Trail 90 in 1970.

In March I picked up a 2007 DL1000 as a better, more comfortable road bike, while the DR650 stays for those off-pavement days. A couple of weeks ago I participated in a Precision Maneuvering Clinic with the express purpose of getting better dialed in with my new bigger ride. This particular day-long course was all about slow-speed maneuvering, conducted by Team Oregon, and it definitely helped me get a better feel for and appreciate the big V's attributes.

Now I've just removed the huge, heavy aftermarket skid plate in order to change the oil and filter, having put almost 2K miles on it since acquiring this bike, and honestly I feel a little reluctant about putting that huge piece of steel back on. As my "road bike" I don't think I need such heavy protection down there, for the time being at least. Hopefully I can find an original OEM lower cowling to buy and try out. Besides shedding a few pounds I think it will also allow the air to flow better for cooling, and serve better than no protection at all against small rock dings and such.

As a new member I am eager to learn all I can from all you more experienced V-strom owners ... any and all helpful comments are greatly appreciated.


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