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Greetings and Salutations

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Hi, folks,

I just got my new-to-me 2007 DL1000 registered with the nice people at California DMV today.... Thank you internet: I bought Blue Bunny on-line from a dealer in Ohio, had it shipped cross-country via truck, and she arrived on Tuesday.

Let's see ... why a V-Strom? Well, my fiancee and I want to ride together, and of all the bikes we've tried, we're most comfortable on a V-Strom. (Fortunately for me, I've also been wanting one for about a decade now, but haven't had quite the push over the edge until now.) Why Blue Bunny? It's blue, and we were eating Blue Bunny juice pops when we decided to pull the trigger.

We've already started the farkelization process - centerstand, dual helmet hanger and Barkbusters are on order, and I'm happily laying evil plans for hard luggage mounts, crash guards, aux lighting and maybe a new seat. Probably an upgraded suspension, too, at some point.

So let me toss out a question. Who makes replacement rear racks for the 1000's? When the bike arrived, I noticed that it wasn't the standard rack, but rather one designed to accept a hard case of some form. Unfortunately I don't have a good photo to post yet; there are two posts projecting up near the seat, and a box-like arrangement that looks like it's designed to accept a tab near the back edge. It looks sort of like it would accept a Givi, but the part near the back edge looks wrong. Might this be the Suzuki top case rack?

And, anybody got a standard rack they don't want anymore? ;-)

Also, as usual the bike came with no tools (although, oddly, the tool pouch was there). Thoughts on sources for a replacement? Or should I just go ahead and get a CruzTools M1 or M3 kit?

Anyway, enough for now. Glad to be here, and very glad to be riding a 'Strom.

Good roads,

- Lewellen
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Can you post a link to a pic or post a pic so we can see it. That will help a great deal in identifying what you have.

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You didn't lose anything by your seller keeping the pot metal tools that come OEM with the bike. Get some new quality tools and count your blessings.

The more tools you have, the less likely you are to need them.that's an immutable natural law you can depend on.
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