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Ok, heres the set up. I am new to GPS, have an IPHONE 3G and want to use bluetooth for everything. Yesterday I was at a BestBuy store and found a TomTom Rider 2 for $300 (thier last one) out the door. Since this was the upper end of what I would spend I thought it was a good price for a setup that was bike specific, protection from the elements and bluetooth capable with headset included.

Everything links easy enough but I have some issues.

1. Headset included and pairs easily
2. Works with my IPhone
3. Easy to use and set up

1. Headset is mono
2. Rider 2 will not stream music

Question, How can I have my cake and eat it too? I would like to hear the tunes from my phone (in stereo), hear the turn by turn directions and answer the occaisional call now and then.

The only options I can think of right now are:
1. New stereo headset (pair w/phone only because rider 2 will not stream music) or try to pair to each indivdually instead of running everything through the GPS unit.
2. Ear buds from the phone for tunes and run everything else through the GPS
(not sure if IPhone will do that though)turn up the headset and turn down the tunes slightly to compensate.

Can someone more literate with the electronic/wireless language please suggest some sort of course of action?
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