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WEE-HEE!!!! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

Went over to visit my brother in Florida and play around for a couple of days. Got in 872 miles - a lot of it on the superslab. The Wee ran like a sewing machine - no problems whatsoever. Ok, my impression of the Wee......

The Cee Baily windscreen cut the wind without problems and no buffeting whatsoever. It was SUPER HOT, and I wish the screen would be a couple of inches shorter to get more wind - but I have the original screen to swap out to for riding in this kind of heat if needed.

The Wee had no problems with the superslab. Maximum speed on the Garmin showed 92 mph. Plenty of oomph when needed at highway speed - no problems.

Highway pegs put your feet very close to the bike - much closer than on my cruiser, but not uncomfortable and it gave a different position now and then on the superslab. There was a lot of vibration - well, not severe vibration, but engine "hum" in them - again, not uncomfortable, just different.

Wind management was great!!!! I was surprised at the lack of shimmy in the displaced air behind 18 wheelers. Never gave any shimmy at all. Took some side wind gusts going over Escambia Bay, etc and there was little lean required. Much better wind management than my larger cruiser (which surprised me I must say).

Bags did not give any kind of wind resistance that was noticeable.

Gas mileage was phenomenal. Averaged around 50 mpg and saved a gas stop each way compared to my Valkyrie. The Wee handled like a dream. Very nimble in traffic as well in Baton Rouge and Fort Lauderdale, etc.

My overall impression - the Wee was a great touring bike - especially for a little 650. I had 3 people come up and compliment the bike. As far as on the superslab - there was no problem at speed or distance - great little bike. No, it did not have the get-up-and-go of a 1520cc cruiser - but that wasn't what I got her for but it had PLENTY of power and I never lacked for want of power when needed - I was very impressed with the Suzuki 650 power plant. Now that I think about it though, I have not put a single mile on the cruiser since I got the Wee - Hmmmmm. Do not worry about touring on the Wee - GREAT BIKE for it!

Ride was comfortable over the >800 miles. The seat was a tad uncomfortable but the sheepskin sure helped - especially with the heat. But saying that, I was able to do 350 mile days there and back again and still walk and was not as bad as the stock Valkyrie seat for distance. Had to change out the seat on the Valk as well for distance. Stock seat with the sheepskin was comfortable enough that I don't think I will have to change seats to do long distances.

I love the little Wee! My impression was a VERY HIGH THUMBS UP!!!!:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: Sweet bike and never gave a moment's problem. Posted a video over on the video forum if you are interested. Again, a great little bike and I am impressed with it's touring capabilities and look forward to putting on a LOT more miles on her.

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