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Well, I finally took the plunge. I still have an '02 Nomad that I'm trying to sell, but I got an awesome deal on an '03 V-Strom DL1000. It was a demo with about 3,000km on it and I paid $8,800 CDN.
I can't believe that I got such a great (so I've heard :)) new bike for under $9K.

I had posted here before, wondering about the buffeting issue and keeping the hands warm. I guess I'll soon find out. I'm picking it up tomorrow; temps here in central Alberta are around 1C. On Tuesday I'm headed for Arizona bike week.

I wasn't able to get the heated handgrips. The parts guy told me that I should go with the Suzuki grips and they are currently on backorder.
I already have a heated vest.

I don't have any bags for it yet and I will try to bungee my backpack on the passenger seat/rear rack. I didn't notice if there are any bungee cleats on the back. I also bought a fairly large tank bag. Anyway, I'm really excited about taking the maiden voyage tomorrow, and then a loooong trip to Arizona. Yeeehaw!

Craig Scott
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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