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Tried this over in general discussion and got no responses, so I'll try here.

Looking for recommendations for good repair shops in the greater Chicago area. From an email over on the LDRider list:

"Through a complicated set of circumstances, there is a Wee-Strom (not mine) in my garage that needs some repairs after going down at 55 mph or so on the Interstate (not me). From what I can see, the fairing is pushed to one side far enough that the inside of the fairing is up against the fork tube, the dash panel is broken, and there's some scrapes and bruises. Insurance says it's repairable, so a repair shop needs to be found.

Anybody have any recommendations for someplace in the greater Chicago area to take it?

Any Wee-Strom aficionados have any thoughts on anything else the shop should check for other than body damage, or anything that regularly breaks on Wee-Stroms in a hard fall like this? I haven't tried to start it out of fear of hydrolocking, I don't know how long it may have been running on its side before somebody shut it off."

And from a follow up email:

"One detail I forgot is that it has Givi crash bars, which seemed to help take the impact.

If it was my bike, I would probably take the fairing off, beat the subframe back into place with a hammer, stick it all back together, and leave the scrapes as a badge of honor. But this belongs to someone who actually has pride in her motorcycle. "

Thanks folks!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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