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good excuse to ride in Muskoka

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I am having an ATA trials event at my farm in Muskoka ,sunday Sept 25
Might be a good enough reason to jump on the old strom and come have a look.
Spectaters are welcome, its free,and I think we'll have some pretty good riders.
It will probably start around 11 and run till about 3 oclock.The course runs approx a mile through the woods so hiking boots would be a plus.

If you've been to the Windermere dock on the spring ride,its about 10 minutes from there on hwy 141 near the raymond store.My civic address is 1865 Hwy 141.There will be some small red arrows and a sign at the gate.
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No but real close Iam half mile east on the other side of the highway,opposite Luckey Road.The house is hidden by spruce trees, there are beehives down near the highway.Sorry i don't know how to change the google map image.

Should be some good pics,are ther any trials riders out there?
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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