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good deal...not so good...looking for used Givi v35 side cases

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I recently purchase some givi racks for the bike in hopes of strapping some cheaper water proof options to the racks. I never really intended to drop 500 bucks(Gulp!) on givi panniers...However, I didn't realize that the racks are specific to the v35 and v37 side cases. The racks are meant to swoop in towards the tire and in conjunction with those particular cases offer more storage space. But it makes it quite difficult to mount simple bags to them because they slant in. So, now I am ruminating on trying to find some v35 cases used and just move on. New v35 and v37 cases are too spendy for me at the moment and many moments to come, so I hoping that maybe someone on here might have some v35 cases they want to part with. If anyone has anything please let me know because the ratchet ass bags I have on there now are not going to last...

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You can also check out Kappa K33 cases
Lower cost version of V35 with a flatter lid.

Or just switch racks to the PL3101....or PLR3101 quick release racks
Then you can picknchooze which Monokey cases to use.
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