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I have just received my v46 topcase and brake kit. I am (now) aware that there are better kits out there, but at this point I have the kit and the spring loaded connection is maybe worth giving up in another area. if I get this thing working correctly, I might look into supplementing with Fred Harmon's LED add-on for this kit.

I am writing this post to share my experience with installation as well as to seek help from others who have already been through this...

The first thing I find is that the documentation is pretty poor and the images are not very clear.

The step (C) that indicates screws should be loosened but not removed... this is impossible. You cannot remove the lid as in the following picture, without removing these screws. They tap right into the lid (that is to be removed in the next step).

The chrome light holder, when inserted into the red lens from the GIVI case... It does not sit deep enough into the slot to allow the wires to pass out of through the cover/seal (installed in following step). The red lens itself is notched, but I had to use a dremel to notch the chromed lamp holder.

Now I have notched it and will continue to work on installing. I will update the post as I come across issues.


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