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Givi Top Case Rack

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Anybody had experience installing the Givi E81B rack on a Givi E460 topcase ?
This is a small items rack that gets bolted to the topcase lid GIVI Top Luggage Rack For GIVI E360, E460 Top Cases (
Just checking before going ahead and drilling the topcase lid.
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Yes, I had one in a Givi case some years back. It was a handy place for rain gear and other light items. I never had any problems with it.
I dabbed a bit of silicone around the holes before installation to prevent seepage.
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I have that exact set-up. A Givi E460 top case with the rack, I swap it between my 2007 Wee and my 2003 Concours. Works great. I never put anything heavy on it, but sometimes a small back-pack that won't fit into the luggage. I used large-area washers inside under the screw-heads to help keep them from ever pulling through, but I don't really think that's an issue, anyway.
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