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Givi Skid plate for 2006, gen 1 Vstrom 650

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Help fellow Stromtroopers,,,I am trying to find a Givi skid plate for the gen. 1 vstrom 650. All I can dig up is the
GIVI RP3101 listed for the 2012 up,,,,,however, is this compatible to fit for the gen. 1 2006 650? Or did Givi make one for the gen. 1? I cannot find it in my search so hope the gurus here can lead me to the golden goose. By the way, I am 1st time vstrom owner,,,best all around bike I ever had,,,years of bikes back to 1971,,,I bought and installed the Givi crash bars,,,look great but not exactly hardcore off road bashers, just wanted to match a skid plate from Givi if possible,,,let me know, thanks, Mike in San Diego and part time Pa.
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