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Givi PLR3105 vs PL3105CAM pannier racks

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I'm trying to mount a pair of Jesse panniers on a 2014 DL1000. I'm going to use pucks so so no problem there. I got a muffler lowering bracket from Rick and I think I have enough clearance. It looks to me like the PL3105CAM is an inch or so wider installed but apparently that is highly classified information. Does anyone know if there is any difference?

I'm inclined to use the PL3105CAM over the PLR3105 in case I decide to mount different panniers in the future. That's less of a consideration than mounting the ones I have now, though, so if the PLR3105 would be more suitable then that's fine. Thoughts or recommendations?
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If my calculations are correct, and they probably aren't, the installed width measured outside to outside for the racks are:

PLR3105 19"
PL3105CAM 20.75"
That’s fascinating information. I had no idea the CAM mounts were almost 2 inches wider. There’s a guy on YouTube that did a review on the rapid release PLR. With a lot of off-road bouncing around, the racks didn’t keep their shape. He ended up doing some mods and welding to get things sorted. But, he was really hard on them, for street use they are probably pretty durable. I’ll likely end up with the PLR+Dolomiti Monokey combo…. But, Haven’t decided yet.
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I could be completely off on that. I arrived at these numbers after doing a lot of research but I can't guarantee it's correct. Here's an idea, maybe Givi could provide that information! There's lots of space in the margins of their ridiculously minimalist "documention" and "installation instructions". Nah, that's just crazy talk.
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