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Finally decided to get a top case for my DL650. I held off for a long time because I thought it would make the bike look too much like a scooter.

With gas getting pricey and the fun factor of riding a bike to work I needed more utility. Got tired of carrying groceries home in a backpack.

I thought I would only put it on when I needed it but it hasn't been off the bike since I installed it.

Some personal observations about the E45:

  • Relatively easy installation. I cobbled together an aluminum adapter for the luggage rack to provide a good place to bolt the Givi plate.
  • The lock and release mechanism is pretty cool. Did take a while for my addled brain to figure out the lock but once I did...
  • Seems well constructed. Doesn't rattle or feel flimsy. Haven't had it in the rain yet.
  • Holds plenty. 1 large full face helmet, gloves, small backpack and fleece jacket no problem. Will also haul 2 cases of dog food or a 12 pack of beer and a couple bottles of wine.
  • Looks good. Black case on gray bike. Looks factory.
  • Purchased from HelmetHead for $157. Looks like the prices has gone up in the month since. Now listed for $165.
Researched what others were doing on this site first of course. Overall I think I made a good choice.
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